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Crazy place huh? Gotta say, your post way back when about getting a ticket for riding on the sidewalk outside Admiral's Row was what brought me to your site. And that in turn got me interested in photography. I roll past Admiral's Row all the time as I live a few blocks away, always wanted to get in there and check it out. Keep up the good work.

Darryl Mitteldorf

Thanks for this view. Not to put a worry in your head, but, obviously, one has to wonder...what are you breathing in there...that might be harmful? Lead dust, asbestos, etc. No shame in wearing a respirator during work.
Outside of that, applause, applause.


Thanks for these great photos of urban ruins. I wonder how many people realize what history lies next to them, as they drive down the BQE....


These are really beautiful. I always passed by these houses and wanted to get inside. Check out www.autumnmariephotography.com She photographs similar subjects in upstate New York.


Beautiful. Thank you


Incredible work-thanks for the images. I happened upon the site today and was lost for two hours-so much for work productivity!


these are all amazing. i feel the same way. there are buildings around here that are constantly being town down.


Great series of photos. It looks like fun creeping around these old places.

Do you ever consider bring models in for the shoot or posing for each other in these pics? I think the strongest image in the set is the photo with the other photographer in the frame.


You are one of my role models.

kandace colwell

I recently visited admirals row. I've only ever had the courage to go at twilight, which does not make for good photos. I am doing an anthropological report on the material culture of admirals row and was wondering if I might use some of your photos in my paper. Its not for any sort of profit, just college research, and you would be sited. Specifically I would like to use the photo of the crown molding. Thank you,

ken mac

holy cow. incredible. your pair is bigger than mine. I didn't step in when creating the shots for my Admirals Row blog.


These photos are beautiful. I'm from New Zealand and have never even heard of Admirals Row, but do look the photogrpahs. Looks like an amazing place, and you've shot it so delicately. I love the fact that amongst the rubble and destruction there is plantlife- the one with the green peaking out the window i very much enjoyed.
Good work stranger.


These are beautiful and very sad. I lived in Quarters F in 1976; we were the last family on the row.


Greats pictures, thank you for sharing! Even though the building is very dilapidated, some of the architectural details that do remain make it easy to imagine the grandeur of the building in its hay days.

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