An Abandoned Building at Floyd Bennett Field

Floyd Bennett Field

I dragged Nate and Sam out to Fort Tilden in Queens over the weekend for a little salt air and some abandonments. To get Sam to drive I had to bribe him with a ham sandwich-- Kensinger was willing to go for free, as long as we waited for him to finish off his pancake breakfast. We were out there for a few hours, and on the way back we stopped at Floyd Bennett Field to check out a weird cluster of disused buildings at the north end-- maybe a training center for the military or something.

Related: looking out a window of the same building.


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Have you been into that building right by the road? I was there yesterday and it looks empty inside - tall with panelled windows, some broken.

wow, this view is breathtaking! what a magical space. it reminds me of the Ann Hamilton show at MassMoca a few years ago, titled Corpus.

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