Monster Island

Monster Island

This is down at the end of Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg. I don't usually shoot the graf on this building, since it's a semi-legal spot, but there was something about this one that called out to me. But otherwise I try to stick to my graf-shooting rules: nothing legal, no gallery shows, no graffiti-used-as-advertising. Without rules, there's no point to working on a project.


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I think this exception is a good one, Ive always found graffiti that uses its surroundings to complete to interesting and creative. Nice find!

Just excellent. The framing and all the crazy angles really throws one's sense of perspective off. Funky imagery and colors too. Great!

love this!! i feel like it's looking back at me. really awesome. there's a lot of great graffiti in that area.

Hey Jake, I've been watching your gallery, you have pretty impressive shoots. Congrats man!

what is your project called "Hipster Graffiti"

no trying to step on toes, but why don't you just include in your tags "hipster graffiti" cuz thats what it bascially comes down do. or is that too politically correct and offensive?

man, that streetart vs. graffiti battle has been fought to a stalemate since 1998. who are you to tell me what kind of graffiti to like or photograph? and who are you to judge what kind of graffiti is good or not good? i don't tell you what to like, and i don't judge what you do like. try to show the same respect to me.

1998? What happened in 1998? I'm not trying to tell you what to do, i'm asking you if i'm right or wrong. does this graffiti ,done by hipsters, and appeal to hipsters?

I disagree about your "Rules" rule. The problem with rule is they limit your creativity.

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