Peter's Deli

Peter's Deli

This deli is down on Madison Street by St. James Place, right behind One Police Plaza. Coincidentally, that's right across from the projects featured in Lush Life, a great book by Richard Price that I just finished reading last night. In the book, the projects are painted in a pretty bleak light, but it never seemed that dangerous down there to me.


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have really been enjoying your posts in the last few months... so good.

beautiful colors & I like the man's posture

Just excellent. So much rich urban detail, and the man completes the scene.

looks like hans dichand (famous person in austria).

Never seems that dangerous for you, probably because when you know your neighborhood, your more aware of the surroundings then a newcomer. You still have an aware comfort zone to it.

Very nice, landed on the site from YouTube; your Street photography video. Realy enjoyed the archived photos!

triple-urban, as we like it!
Keep the thing as my desktop theme. Grand!

Very much appreciating...I am, your URBAN LANDSCAPE
themes...and of course, the PHOTOGRAPHS themselves.

Your LOVE for PORTRAITS...whether they are URBAN,
HUMAN, or otherwise...is already quite evident.

YOU...are more than "halfway" THERE..."in order to get to a point...WHERE we can arrive".

DRINK...LIBERAL doses of COURAGE, PATIENCE, and PERSEVERENCE...to continue your journey.


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