Stuyvesant Heights

Stuyvesant Height

I was down by the Brooklynite Gallery on Malcolm X Boulevard the other day-- it's off the Utica Avenue station on the A line, but I biked down there. I hadn't spent much time in that part of Bed-Stuy before, but it's a beautiful neighborhood-- stately old brownstones, some unbelievably large mansions on the avenues. Of course, there is some urban decay, and not all the buildings are in the best shape, and you're pretty far out if you want to get anywhere on foot. But worth checking out.


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this is amazing!


Nice contrast in this one (both photo technically and content-wise).

Charming to see old things like this still remain in a busy urban landscape.

diggin' the fixer-upper in between those two homes

That building with the grafitti just makes me sad. I'm thinking about how at one point in time, someone was proud of that building; it was full of hope and dreams, and now it is abandoned and dilapidated. Very sad.

Great catch, Jake! Such a contrast. Probably an interesting story behind those walls.

Super !

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