New York Public Library

New York Public Library

Jen Carlson invited me to tag along for a behind-the-scenes visit to the New York Public Library this morning. We had a great time-- they took us through a bunch of the private collections, the main reading rooms, and the laboratories where they conserve aging books and materials. For me, the highlight was seeing the handwritten manuscripts-- they showed us originals from Virginia Woolf, T.S. Eliot, Walt Whitman, and a number of other writers. When you're looking at that, you really feel a sense of a living connection to the author.


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impressive.. the angle of this photo makes me feel giddy! i like it.

this is incredible!! absolutely gorgeous!

Beautiful shot..Almost looks like an oil painting

What an opportunity to get this photo op! I love the POV that gives the viewer the feeling of being in flight -- really makes the space feel vast.

Hello Jake

I am from Poland my english language is not good. :)
I saw your photo-work in the YouTube.. You are Great!!!


extremely beautiful shot.
i love that the room is completely empty (except for the man standing in the left corner) - makes you feel like the wisdom of the world lies to your feet and you just have to grab it

Hi Jake my name his luis from Portugal , but I am living in London, nice work yours, I have seen you on You Tube, I am doing a bit of Photography myself as well, keep going.

Really amazing shot--I especially like the tilted angle.

wow. awesome shot. the light, the tilt, it all works. bravo.

Brilliant! thanks.

Nice post Jake, love the picture and the story of your day there! I cant believe you got to see the manuscripts, I am jealous!

Really nailed the exposure on this one! Nice work.

Nice shot! Great hall!

Vi tu trabajo en youtube, me parecio excelente, fotografías cargadas de tonalidades y contrastes. Saludos desde Chile.

again, a real stunner, jake. thanks for sharing.

Amazing composition!

Good job! (Seen on the wnyc youtube programme)
Not so many people studying at New York!!

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