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Reese Payton

Interesting, minus the sweat of course!

Paul Martin

Saw your video on WNYC street photo site. I love the way you pick small details from the wider picture. Loved the abstract wall you found in the video. Keep up the good work.



The lineal effects are nice. The graffiti is not. Why do people deface these beautiful old buildings? To me, it screams bad parenting, but I have never had to deal with raising delinquent teenagers. Of course, if they are adults doing this - very sad.


I really like the colours of this picture, and the oxid of the grilles plus the graffitis make the building look like completely abandoned, and it is, it makes it look even more abandoned the detail of the woman, who isnt taking any atention at it and the fog gives a bit of mistery to the street...Haha I like it!
Greetings from Mallorca, Spain.

pinoy digital channel

well defined theme for this shot.

Josh Randell

Bed-Stuy do or die. Wicked photo thanks for sharing :)


I think the graffiti (while bad of course) add a certain appeal to the photograph. Can't really describe it. This photograph probably wouldn't be the same had the graffiti not been present.


Was it Ideal Hosiery?

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