Farm Colony

Farm Colony

Farm Colony

Farm Colony

Farm Colony

Over the weekend we biked out to Farm Colony, the most popular set of abandoned buildings in all of Staten Island. The colony is comprised of ten or fifteen buildings, mostly completely stripped and covered inside and out in crappy graffiti. Apart from frequent visits from vandals and urban explorers, they've been abandoned for more than thirty years.


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this lighting is gorgeous!!

Oh my, this is good!

Abolutely amazing use of light and space!

The top shot is other-worldly. Very cool. The others are colorful but so depressing. What a waste of valuable real estate and opportunity.

Wow, you guys are so crazy!

Out standing photo, gotta love it! I love visiting your site and seeing what you are up to next!

I love the lighting and angle in this shot, great shot man! I have been meaning to get out to SI too, lots of "goodies" out there.

can you give directions how to get there?
I will be visiting Staten Island for the first time in Sept.

this is gorgeous. I love the use of lighting. Ususally i'm not very impressed by pictures of grafitti. But this one's breathtaking.

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