Ruins of Albee Square

Ruins of Albee Square

Looks like the Albee Square Mall in Downtown Brooklyn has been fully demolished. I was biking back from Bed-Stuy last night when I passed by the construction site-- it's enormous wedge-shaped piece of property between Fulton and Flatbush Avenue, and it looks like a lunar landscape. I think the lower levels of the mall are still there-- you can see a cavernous hole in the foreground hinting at the basement level. In the background are the new Flatbush Avenue skyscrapers-- the Toren is the one on the right. [Related: shot of the same area from the roof of the Forte nearby.]


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dude, let's go mall spelunking!

Hi jake,

Thanks for sharing your great photos in public.
I felt your photogrphs has simple composition with a meaning in realistic way. I'm also amateur street photographer live in LA. And one day, I wish I can make a living with my photogrpahs. Can I ask you what do you do for living ? Hopefully we can share some info and keep it up !!

Hello,i'm an amator in photography.I live in Florida, my question is do you mostly use a wide angle lens? By the way great work.

Some days, I feel like that chair in the foreground.

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