Looking West From Church

Looking West From Church

One day last month I went to a panel at New York Law School about changing the press pass rules-- while I was waiting for it to start, I took this picture in a stairwell. The main thrust of the changes will allow anyone who does reporting in a real capacity (whether through a blog, podcast, or mainstream news site) to apply and receive the official NYPD-sanctioned press pass. That should make it easier for sites like Gothamist to do their jobs, and for photographers like me to get into more newsworthy situations.


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that sounds amazing. (and the picture is cool too ;) )

Hey Jake,
Great pictures! Really reminds me of NYC like nothing else... Have to admit I miss it.
Have settled down in Tel-Aviv, enjoying the free spirited beach scene. Family and work are good too.

Ciao, Ariel

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