The Bronx River and the Westchester Avenue Bridge

The Bronx River and the Westchester Avenue Bridge

Over the weekend, the Nates and I went up to the South Bronx check out this old flooded railroad spur we'd read about in the Times. We found it down below St. Mary's Park, and after some trekking, managed to find our way in and up it for a few blocks before the mud blocked our way. Truth be told, there really wasn't much to see: just a flooded, foul trench stretching about six blocks before it goes under the park. After we got out, I took the guys up a few stops on the 6 to the corner of Westchester and 163rd, where we looked at this cool abandoned Cass Gilbert railroad station, and spent some time in a little park south of the bridge. [More about the station at FNY and The Times.]


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A beautiful perspective in this photo!

You definately have a good eye when it comes to perspective.


Excellent shot! Reminds me that everything man creates is done on the backdrop of nature's canvas.

Nice capture. Additional props awarded for the heron flapping it's wings for the photo! Enjoyed your photos of the RR Station as well.


it's really good..u hv truly good concept

What a great scene. So much to see here -- the birds, the train, the reflections.

This picture has it all! Keep it up.

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