An Abandoned House in Midwood

An Abandoned House in Midwood

Yesterday we had to drive out to Sheepshead Bay High School to score some swine flu vaccine (Karen is 9-months pregnant, so she needed it.) On the way out on Ocean Parkway, I noticed this boarded up house— I think the enormous tree in front caught my eye. On way back, we happened to pass the same corner, so I jumped out and grabbed the picture.


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that's some great lighting, and a peculiar sight. thanks for being out there, capturing things like this.

They should use that tree at Rockefeller Center next year!

You did manage to take archi shots with vertical lines, previously - this one falls back a little. Though the picture as a whole is very good.

you're right-- i forgot to correct the lens distortion. i've updated the image. if you're interested in a comparison, here is the original.

Autumn in the city, I love this time of year.and this "christmas" tree.

think that this image is better than original

This is fantastic. Awesome shot/tree/house.

"Rich" was the first word to come to mind. Rich, with color, geometry, detail, etc. One of your best this year -- beauitful but still very intriguing.

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