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Your pictures is so so so ... I am impresed of them... I like to make a pict.of plase like >...I am happy to see somebody who like the same thinks and have the same feelengs about the objects....THANK YOU!!!


I love al industrial photos.This is also great.


Nice effect you used in this, it looks like being copied.


nice photo,simply and very impresiv


Delighted to have found your blog. Thank you for sharing these wonderful images.


wow i love these.


I've been checking you site every once in a while these past months and it wasn't until today that I realized you sometimes have more than one photo on the page. Duh. I liked this shot - it reminds me of a trip we took to New Jersey and New York back when I was just a kid. Then I saw the photo below the first.

So now I am going back to see what else I missed.


The 1010 WINS traffic reports refer to the part of the Gowanus Expressway that runs past these buildings as "Industry City".

Rayne Storm

Your photography is extraordinary! Please contact me with your information when you can. There are certain pictures I may want to ask your permission to use for upcoming music projects I have in the works. I up and coming music producer and would love to utilize some of your talent! RayneStizzy@Yahoo.com

- Rayne Storm

Simon C

A good series. Like the repeating motif of the water towers.


The repetition of the towers and all the lines are fantastic! This looks like it must have been fun finding these shots. Great Job!


Bluejake: I'm the guy behind the conversion of Sunset Park into artist studios, and I'd like to talk-- I like the pix. Can you email me?

Tim Becker

my friend n i just visited these roofs...we used sunset park rooftops as our playground and fell in love with the views. that entire industrial section of sunset park is incredible for photos. ill be posting my photos of sunset park soon on my blog. take a look if youd like.

keep up the good work

AslyumKid 626

What nice pictures! So nice!

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