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adam cost

it says jake is the resident graf expert....and he has drawn the line in the sand if they erase the revs cost roller on 23rd st.....well now it has been erased...and im the person who did it....so what's next because i'm not happy about it's removal....and was almost tempted to go back and redo it....any ideas because this could ignite a flame under my ass..............cost

Andrew Osborne

Great shot. Love contrast & colors.


Holy Derelict shitholes Batman!

ps COST, you should repel down the face of HL23 with a homemade magic marker filled with white shoe polish and write on each floor to ceiling window, "Jake Dobkin was here!"

Jake Dobkin

I think that the Highline ship has sailed- anything that gets painted there is just going to get buffed as the construction moves up towards 34th. But I've got some other ideas on highly visible spots that could use a 20' high COST roller.

for instance, the side of the Red Hook Grain Terminal facing the F tracks: http://www.jakedobkin.com/cgi-bin/mt/mt-search.cgi?tag=grainterminal&blog_id=1

Grandfather of Graffiti


This is the Grandpa of Graf cominatcha live like 95 or a jive ass turkey, you knowhatimean jellybean?

You need to get back out there and start showing people whats up. BNE has taken over your status as the sticker/whitepasting King of NYC as well as the world, and you just sit back and watch all this take place as well as sitting back and watching your wessside roller go down in flames?

For Phase 1 starters, I would get the 1800 number going again to let people know the real deal, I would then start a full-scale-attack of your postering going over ALL street art. We're tired of stickers/stencils of ducks holding machine guns. Keep it raw and original just like it should be. Phase 2) Start doing some super rollers in prime spots. Phase 3) Operation destroy BNE. If you want to really claim true longevity king status, that needs to be accomplished ASAP. Him and the buffers are BURNING YOU! Time for another come back.. DOOOOOOOOOO ITTTTTTT!


The Grandpa of Graff


That's Adam Cost, and I'm mother theresa. I'm a fucking ghost, check it out.


By the way, anyone else suspect AC and Grandpa are just Jake replying to himself?

Also, Jake - for future reference - when you talk all big about "it's war" and shit and then a few months later when it comes down to it you publicly let out a big MEH, you look stupid.

Also, Jake - telling people places they should bust their asses getting up while you stay home and out of risk's way - looks stupid.

jérome baise

That is what I call a nice photo! Incredibly good looking and interesting one! Well done! Thank you for sharing!


this is beautiful. love the colors.


picture has a good story and you have a great pictures on web...greetings from Croatian..


WOW! The light and the color is awesome. You really excel at taking big wide shots.

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