Romaine Street

Romaine Street

When I first arrive in LA, I usually drive down to La Brea and go to Stussy. I don't know why– we have a Stussy in New York, and I haven't bought anything there in like three years. Afterwards I usually take a walk in the alley behind the store to see if there's any new streetart up, and then I drive up to Melrose to see if anything new has gone up on the walls there. This cement factory always catches my eye as I'm driving around the neighborhood– it seems curiously out of place.


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agreed! this looks like a little pop-up. love how very white the walls are!!

Good one! I drive by that oddity almost everyday. It's right across from the huge Anawalt Lumber complex which is an ode to another time & place before all the mixed & adaptive reuse structures on La Brea.

That's America! I like the red, white, and blue trucks.

Interesting Shot! I like industrial plants and would love to check this one out. I think it would be pretty cool!

The good old USA! Never gets old...

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