Ground Zero

Ground Zero

Today Jen and I took a hardhat tour of the World Trade Center site. I can understand why some people are upset about how long things are taking there- but once you're down in the site, you understand why. There are at least a dozen enormous projects going on at once- buildings, transportation hubs, subway lines, the memorial and museum- and thousands of men and women working there every day putting it all together. For me, the most moving part of the tour was standing at the bottom of the empty reflecting pool. I was thinking about everyone we lost, and how much has happened since then, and how ten years is both a very long and a very short period of time.


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How about a memorial for all the innocent people impoverished, imprisoned, tortured, bombed and shot by this great country as we avenge our loss.

come on- that's pretty insensitive. whatever your feelings about american foreign policy, you've got to respect the WTC site as an important, sanctified place.

WTC -great tragedy for americans,now we have the same in Europe-in Poland.

In the upper left corner of the large square in the foreground there's a small staircase. Feels like a Where's Waldo frame! Awesome.

nice shot. nice pics man. but dude I was just reading your anti NYT screed from a while back. the one you posted on your other site gothamist. what a douche-y thing to write. suck it.

i never posted it on gothamist- it was a little essay i wrote on facebook that some sites decided to run. but i certainly do act like a douche from time to time- but i try to do it less and less each year i get older.

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