Looking East from The St. George Hotel

Looking East from The St. George Hotel

A few weeks back I went to check out the highest room at the St. George Hotel- it was where the used to keep the water towers. Now that those have been removed, the co-op is looking for someone to turn the place into an apartment. It's got 360-degree views of the city, and access to a private roof. But the work won't be cheap: a few million for the apartment, a few million more to build an elevator that connects to that floor, and then $6K a month in maintenance.


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omg - you find the most incredible perspectives! not just FIND, but GET TO. I'm in awe of your amazing photography - I think this is a beautiful shot.

my mother and I used to take the train every year from the east coast to Los Angeles. She always said we were riding "through the backyards of America," and that's sort of what a lot of your photographs remind me of - places that many/most people never see. So thanks for showing us :-)


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