Second Avenue Subway

Second Avenue Subway

Second Avenue Subway

Second Avenue Subway

Second Avenue Subway

Second Avenue Subway

This morning I went up to 92nd and 2nd Avenue, where, eighty feet below the street, the Second Avenue Subway is being built. This was for a press event celebrating the beginning of drilling on the tunnels that will connect the present site with the other lines down by 63rd Street. I was really struck by the scale of everything: the boring machine, with all of its attached conveyor belts, must of ran at least three city blocks, and being down at the trackbed felt like being in an enormous cathedral buried underground.


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super industrial picture.GREAT

Wow, Amazing! I love seeing "behind-the-scenes" work liket this.
Also, I really dig you site!

Plus, I love seeing how many errors I can make in one post. Oof.

Wow - this is sick!

i've seen several times this immage in my dreams.
Now I know that place does really exists.
Thank you.

Venice, Italy.

Epic, love it.

This looks like a scene from a Transformers movie or some other science fiction film. It's actually very cool to realize that this is a real construction project and that you were there to document the scene.

Your works give me a lot of inspiration.Im fun of industrial pictures too.

Great image! I love the light and the sense of being there. I agree that it does feel like its a movie set. There is so much going on in the image that I don't know what I'm looking at but it does capture me!

Do you use any enhancement on this pic or this is the actual raw shot?

i love it! there's a deep feeling when you look at it.. very awesome.

Nice shot!

We need more updates!

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