Summer Outtakes

Yellow Wall, Red Hook

Better Plastic

Work and baby-raising have kept me away from shooting this month. But I'm about to go out to LA for a few weeks, so expect some new updates soon. Until then, enjoy the archives.


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Yeah, babyraising can do that.
I'm pretty surprised with the first picture, it seems a lot darker than all your other stuff. I just noticed now that all the people in your photos look like little toys in a really big landscape, interesting

know your archive very good.Wish all the best and a little more free time.

Congrats Jake, Keep up the good work :)

The interesting part about archives is to see which ones you choose to revive. I like the top one a lot.

Nice Haredim goes to work :). I'm not sure if you all know that Haredim are the only group in Israel that is freed from military service....

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