South of the Bridge

South of the Bridge

I can see Frank Gehry's 8 Spruce Street tower from the windows in our apartment, but I wanted to get a closer look. First I tried taking a shot from the top of the Woolworth Building, but I could only get access to one of the lower rooftops- I got the shot on the right looking south. Later on I made my way up to one of the higher floors of the Millenium Hotel on Church Street- there was a window facing East, and I took the shot on the left.


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Amazing black and whites, nice to see Gehry's work coming together.

too bad you took it from the boring (flat) side!

I love the image on the left! It feels like an old fashioned post card!

The photo on the right has such great dimension! I love the depth and the view all the way down to the street. The one on the left is nice, but in a different way. Really like the horizon and cloudy sky to give it some texture.

this is the power of black and white.both picture look wonderful.these pictures take us to the past.

I like the photo on the left the best. I love the single extremely tall building against the backdrop of the moody of the clouds. Black and white sure does create drama!

My building just barely made it into the picture on the left - down in the corner: The Park Row Building with the cupolas.
What at one time had been the tallest building in the city has long been dwarfed but the proximity of the Gehry tower really makes me feel like a shrimp! What used to be a clear view of open vistas of looking up the East Side, 3 bridges and out to Queens is now completely filled by this new building whose top I have to crane my neck to see..
At least when and if people start moving in - it may provide some entertainment value...

Hi Jake,
I just discover your work on youtube and I decide to take a look on your site.
Great work !

Best Regards,

I almost expect to see Superman flying past! Great photos!

Really nice! I love the bridge in the distance.

Good job with both of these pics!

exellent shost.Detaiils are fabulous

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