Looking West from the Highline


I spent a couple of hours on New Year's Day walking around Chelsea and Meatpacking looking for new street art. Along the way I went up on the High Line to see how things looked after the snow storm. Up by 18th Street or so, there's this half-finished building- it's been siting like this for a year or two now. Something about it fascinates me- I think it's probably the strange cutaway feeling it gives you, and the way all these boxes feel stacked like in a parametric drawing from drafting class.


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My first thought was exactly what you said - stacked like a parametric drawing. But I also like the monochromatic aspect of this photo, and for being in the big city, there are no people evident anywhere - not even a plane in the sky. It must have been great timing on your part to catch this moment with no people around at all.

Great photo! It sort of look like some kind of stacked version of the tower Babel.

May I ask you what exposure/after effects you use here? I really love the colors.

Regards from a fan in Scandinavia

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