Smoke on Bleecker Street


I found this smoke shot on a card from my old Canon SD950- I decided to throw that camera out at the end of last year, because even at its best, it was producing a crazy amount of barrel distortion, and even for graffiti shots, it wasn't giving me the quality I needed. So from now on, I'll just be shooting with my Canon 5DM2 and a Contax T2 film camera. If you're looking for a good compact, I think the best you can do right now is the Lumix GF-1, which has a 225 sqmm sensor- that's a lot bigger than the 43 sqmm sensor that was on my old SD950. The downside is that the GF-1 won't fit in your pocket- if you want a good pocket-sized shooter, I think you still need to go with film- the Contax or a related camera like the Yashica T4 or Ricoh GR-1.


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Thank you for the pointers on cameras. I hope to buy a good camera as soon as I get back to work and have a paycheck again. Of course, when I have the money I will no longer have the time. I will make the time somehow.
I have been looking at Nikon but several friends swear by their Canons. I will be looking at the results between those two and talking to someone other than a salesman before I decide.
No matter how good the camera, if you don't have an eye for composition it won't matter much. That is why I like looking at your work - I am learning how you frame your shots and why they work.

Hey Jake,

Don't forget...you could always pick up an iPhone for our pocket shooter.

Happy New Year, man! Hope all is well.


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Don't forget...you could always pick up an iPhone for our pocket shooter.

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