RKO Keith's Theater

The main arch at the RKO Keith's Theater

The RKO Keith is a massive theater which has sat abandoned in Flushing, Queens for the last twenty-five years. Matt Lambros has spent a year documenting it in great detail, in an attempt to stir the city into preserving the building. I hope he succeeds- it's an enormous, beautiful relic of a by-gone age, and it still has many features worth saving, including this beautiful decorative arch. Unfortunately, the current plan is to demolish everything except for the lobby and replace it with a 17-story mixed use tower.


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Going the way of the United Theater in Detroit. This is criminal neglect, plain and simple. I keep beating my head on the wall and what comes out? The Times quote that appeared after they demolished Penn Station, paraphrasing: "We will be remembered not for what we've built, but for what we've allowed to be torn down." Where exactly is this theater for the curious?

Very cool picture. It reminds me of years ago when theaters like this one were in full use. This one would have been spectacular.

sweet shot!

The 17 story tower is far from a done deal. Looking for proactive help on FB group https://www.facebook.com/groups/220242754654213/
New photos posted every day and lots of info.

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