Sunday in Bushwick



I was up in Bushwick last week, killing time before this street photography panel I was on at Union Docs. I was thinking about my presentation, and shooting street art, when I biked by this newly painted building. I waited for a few minutes, and these kids came along- I think one of them gave me the finger as they passed.


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I love shooting in Buschwick, which is so desolate, but these kids make it a great shot. Looks like it could be east downtown Los Angeles. Just curious, what camera do you shoot with? I was trying to get to Union Docs last Sunday but..... didn't make it. Next time!

Giving the finger is the new urban high five in an increasingly ugly city. Great shot though!

I've always thought that urban decay makes for great photography. Nice work - I'm enjoying going through your site.

Excellent photo shoot. This is a very artistic shot and the non-subject makes the whole set the intricate subject.

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