From a Rooftop in Vinegar Hill

From a Rooftop in Vinegar Hill

Our intern Melanie was house-sitting for an uncle on Front north of Bridge Street. A bunch of people from the office went over on Friday night to drink some beer and take in the view. There's an incredible amount of redevelopment going on at that end of the neighborhood, mostly as a result of the most recent round of residential rezoning- by coincidence, the Times has a long article about it in the Sunday paper today.

From a Rooftop in Vinegar Hill


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Very nice view. I love it

ha ha ha NEED STORAGE ?

Melanie's uncle has an amazing view!!!

Fantastic photos as always!!

There is so much going on in the photo that it draws my eyes everywhere. Great perspective!

dude - lets talk about a building over there i wanna visit....

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