Rainbow City

Rainbow City

I was up in Chelsea shooting the High Line Stage II opening. I got there around 11 and everyone was waiting for the celebrities to arrive for the ribbon cutting down by 23rd Street. I took one look at that scene and high tailed it north on the line. It was completely deserted, and I walked by myself until I reached 30th Street, where this strange art installation has sprung up underneath the line. Then I walked back to 23rd Street and dashed for the office, to get the pictures up before those guys at Curbed.


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o.o is very fun and beautiful


Seeing this makes me realize it has been too long since I was in New York. I need to bring the kids up for a week and play tourist so we can discover cool things like this. Thanks for the photo and the inspiration.

The mushroom man makes me think of the Mario Brothers video games! LOL!

These bright and bold colors just bring out the kid in me. It looks like fun no matter what age!
Todd Benatar

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