2011 Miscellaneous

Under the Manhattan Bridge in DUMBO

I didn't do a ton of photography this year (excuses: parenting, Gothamist.) I did manage to get up 15 posts here at Bluejake. I also added 591 images to my streetart project (here's a slideshow.) But my real photography work wasn't out on the street- it was a secret project to brutally edit my Bluejake archives down to the best work. I didn't delete any original images- but I took 1300 of the 1600 posts I've put up since 2003 offline. What remains are my favorite shots- the ones I think come closest to capturing what I've been trying to say since I picked up a camera in 2002. I'll probably continue to edit in the future- some of the pictures on this post will probably be gone a year from now.

A crumbling house at Fort Totten in Queens

A girl hiking in Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles

Downtown Brooklyn from the A&S Garage

A crater in Downtown Brooklyn

A pier at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

A man yawning on the roof of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles


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