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Regarding Photography
"I want to reproduce the objects as they are, or as they would be even if I did not exist." --Taine

Bluejake is a photoblog run by me, Jake Dobkin, a photographer living in Brooklyn. It focuses mainly on urban landscape. Here's a short video from WNYC explaining a little bit about this project.

First Time Visitors
If it is your first time here, take a look around the blog; I post a new picture on the front page a few times each month. If you're still thirsty for more, check out the blog archives, which go back to February 2002.

My Equipment
Canon 5DM2 SLR. 420EX flash. Canon EF lenses: 17-40L and 85MM. I also toy with a film camera-- the Contax T2.

My Processing
In general, I follow this process in Photoshop: RAW processor, curves (sometimes with gradients), and unsharp mask.

I admire the urban landscape photographs of Eugene Atget, Berenice Abbot, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Joel Sternfeld, Edward Burtynsky, and Bernd and Hilla Becher. But if I could paint like Edward Hopper, I wouldn't photograph at all.

More About Jake
I am also a street art photographer. You can find that work on Flickr. Here are a few recent shots:

I also have a number of other projects online-- you can find out more about them and about me at Facebook.